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The Year Ahead

Last year was a very productive and busy time for me. I spent a lot of time with our CloudForms product, developing best practices and implementation guides for our consultants. I even contributed some of my work upstream in the form of this disconnected sync script and started a video series for katello. This year I plan to complete this series and continue producing video screencasts for other emerging products. In fact, I just completed a screencast on Red Hat Storage which I will post here soon.

However, what I’m most excited about is my recent work with OpenShift Enterprise. What is OpenShift Enterprise? It is a customer installable version of our OpenShift Online PaaS service. I can’t really describe how excited this product makes me. Just check out some of the cool uses on the OpenShift blog such as the recent BrowserQuest post by Mike McGrath.

I will be blogging more frequently so stay tuned for some tips, tricks, and hopefully more screencasts. If you really want a taste of a fully distributed OpenShift architecture, be sure to read Scott Collier’s amazing Reference Architecture which I have the pleasure of reviewing in detail. For a great write-up on using CloudForms to provide the infrastructure for deploying OpenShift nodes see James Labocki’s blog:

Finally, I hope to spend some quality time with Red Hat OpenStack which is available in preview now.