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Describing Contents …

This is Vinny’s Tech Garage. Here he discusses all things Red Hat and Cloud-related as seen from a consulting perspective. Vinny works for Red Hat Consulting and helps enable customers and partners implement and streamline their enterprises using Red Hat Products. Join us in the Tech Garage as we collaborate and discuss IT Consolidation, Virtualization and Cloud Architecture.

Establishing Credibility …

Vinny works at Red Hat as a Principal Architect on the Global Solutions and Strategy team for Red Hat Services. He has been working with Red Hat Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux professionally since early 2000, and with other Linux/UNIX distributions since the mid 90s. He has also embraced Windows in the enterprise when necessary, mostly in terms of interoperability and migrations.

Vinny has held held a number of technical roles in system administration, consulting and engineering with various companies, including Dell, the State of Texas, and other private consulting and software companies. He has been with Red Hat since 2007 and has held positions as on-site Partner Engineer at Dell, created and contributed to open source projects, created technical videos, and written Reference Architectures as part of our Cloud Business Unit and Red Hat Consulting.

Exposing Inner Details …

Aside from his love of everything digital, he has two beautiful daughters and a lovely wife. Faryn is the youngest and is full of life and energy. Ava is a circuit chip off the old block. She’s Vinny’s Portal 2 co-op partner and weekend Minecraft exploration buddy. Vinny also loves tinkering with video editing/compositing and animation using Blender.


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