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Grand Opening: Tech Garage

I’ve always loved puzzles.puzzle

I remember taking apart a door knob when I was very young, and my mom wasn’t happy about it since it was the front door. My punishment was to figure out how to fix it before my dad came home.

I have continued solving puzzles throughout my career. Mostly tactical problems that required some creative thinking, like this open source project I started to solve an interesting challenge with managing Dell Linux Repository software through RHN Satellite.

It is interesting what happens when you take someone like that and put them in a more strategic role, where problems have less defined symptoms and linear solutions that can be solved with some code. The last several years at Red Hat I have shifted into this role. Only, my focus is on helping enterprises and partners consolidate, virtualize and begin the pathway to the cloud.

That isn’t exactly an easy road. There are many bumps along the way. I am tasked with identifying those bumps and making a sensible roadmap to getting there.

For example, running multi-tier applications and wondering which components in the stack could be migrated or scaled into a public cloud? Why would you want to do this? How can you get your organization ready and benefit from using different cloud options? Is a cloud right for you? Isn’t a cloud just virtualization with some extra buzz words?

I hope to use this blog to not just talk about myself, but rather, collaborate with my readers and understand what concerns you have. I will still be getting my hands dirty as I work more with our forthcoming CloudForms product, like this video where I show an example workload deployment that is defined once and deployed to different providers using an earlier version of the upstream aeolusproject.

I hope to share my thoughts and lessons I learn as I tackle this much larger and complex puzzle.

Photo credit: Furk@N